food mecca

Welcome to Mexico City! 

It’s one of the largest cities in the world and the wealthiest city in all of Latin America. Cosmopolitan food is on nearly every street corner…and it's phenomenal!

street food

Street food vendors arrive before dawn to prep their food and stay through the middle of the night to serve those last few tacos to the stragglers who didn’t stop drinking when the last bars closed.

The cooks who prepare the tacos, tortas and everything else are masters of their art, often boasting decades of experience making their one signature dish.

we’ve brought you their best!

the taco

Tacos should be held at the top, “pinching together the two sides along the curve, using the thumb and two fingers, with your wrist facing upward."

the pastor

This is Mexico City’s most iconic taco and, thus, the focal point of Catrina’s. Throughout the city, you’ll see taco carvers and trompos everywhere built of seasoned pork and crowned with a peeled pineapple whose juices caramelize as the meat roasts.

the torta

You'll have to unhinge your jaw in order to appreciate one of these monster sandwiches.

Filled with whatever the vendor dreams up, the torta traditionally contains a meat garnished with mashed avocado and a sandwich spread made of black beans, pickled jalapeños, cabbage and tomato.

the rest

Our mouthwatering sides and salsas use the freshest and most authentic ingredients. Each recipe was designed in Mexico City to perfectly compliment our tacos and tortas.  

Finish off with our authentic paletas. These crisp popsicles are made with fresh fruit and are a great way to clean your pallet.